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For most peoples, alcohol is one of the things that the nation is proud of. The British have it whiskey, the French have cognac and champagne, the Americans have bourbon. And the Russians, of course, have vodka. But, like any national pride, it requires respect and adherence to traditions. This also applies to dishes: glasses for vodka, shtoffs and decanters must correspond to the product used.

In E-shop you can buy Bohemia Crystal vodka glasses made in the Czech Republic, decorated with molding smalt, gold and classic hand-cut:!

Bohemian glass is hand-blown by Czech glassblowers from a special composition, which includes not only sand, but also metal oxides, so it is light and crystal clear, just like crystal has reflections in the sun. Different metals are added to the glass to give it a color from red, green to blue and azure, and they also use a new technology to burn different shades on the glass itself.

Shots and glasses for vodka

Vodka is drunk in glasses or in glasses. Why is this particular dish best suited for drinking? Understanding:

  • Form — straight, or with a flare (expanding upward) promotes the fastest evaporation of the alcoholic smell. That is, drinking vodka will become more pleasant.
  • The stability of the cookware is of paramount importance. After all, you almost calculate your dose and the coordination of movements is disturbed. If you come across a glass on a thin leg here, it will break. And a glass or a glass will stand.
  • Even glasses designed for vodka usually have a thicker stem than wine glasses and a stable shape. But they are usually not placed on the ordinary table, but reserved for special occasions.


Crystal, despite the fact that at one time it was recognized as a «relic», still reigns on festive tables. It is also glass, but rich in lead. Although the metal will not get into food in any way. Thanks to this, the crystal lends itself well to cutting, it is decorated with metal inserts, etc. Sometimes crystal glasses are real works of art. There are gilding, chasing. Luxurious decoration of banquets fit for kings.

What is the volume of a vodka glass or shot and how to measure it

Dishes suitable for pouring vodka have a capacity of 40 to 100 ml. The most popular are 50-60 grams. There are glasses of smaller capacity, but this is not a vodka option.

But how can you define it exactly? There are several simple ways:

  • Ask a friend’s bartender to pour into your glass «up to the top», and then pour into a measuring cup, which must be at the bar, and — certified.
  • Use a pharmacy measuring glass (some liquid medicines come with measuring cups).
  • Take a plastic measuring cup from the supermarket and measure it. But this method is with the greatest error, because manufacturers of such dishes are not required to strictly comply with the standard.
  • The easiest and most reliable way is to buy a 10-20 ml syringe at the pharmacy and measure with it how many ml will fit into your glass or glass.

Important. Today there is no single standard for the production of vodka glassware, there are only general wishes: from 40 to 100 ml. Therefore, check for yourself which dish you are drinking from.